we are a leading Tissue Paper Products supplier in Chennai.

We are professionals in supplying various kinds of Tissue Products, our product range includes:
Facial Tissue Boxes, M Fold / C fold, Paper Towels, Tissue Paper Roll, Table Napkin, Printed Logo Napkin, Packet Tissues, and Dispensers

Our Products are specialized for Cafes, Hotels, Hospitals, Medicals, offices, Supermarkets, Beauty parlours & Saloons

We offer a full range of disposable paper tissues in many varieties & designs. Our products are made out of virgin wood pulp, mixed pulp and recycled pulp.

We pride ourselves for being able to offer quality products by maintaining the proper standards.


77/32, Perianna Maistry Street,
Periamet, Chennai - 600 003
Cell: +91 98 94 96 86 95